Phase Two – Ziama

Phase Two Overview

  • Country: Guinea
  • Location: Ziama Massif Biosphere Reserve
  • Forest elephant population: 200 +-
  • Number of Rangers: 30
  • Equipment required: Boots; socks; backpacks; and flashlights

Supporting the rangers protecting Dzanga-Sangha in the Central African Republic was only the first phase of this project in which we aim to provide durable footwear to 500 rangers across Africa working to protect forest elephants and their habitat.

For the next phase of this project, we focus on the Ziama Forest in the highlands of Guinea, a vital rainforest ecosystem extending into Liberia. For this second phase of our ‘Boots on the Ground’ project, we address not an iconic forest elephant stronghold like Dzanga-Sangha, but a small population on the brink of survival.

In our partnership with those managing the Ziama reserve, we have focused on creating a smaller anti-poaching and monitoring team within that force. This has meant selecting 30 of the best rangers and basing law enforcement activities on them. This is making a big difference. We feel the key to managing Ziama is to have a team of motivated and well-equipped rangers (with the right attitude!) who can be deployed swiftly to different parts of the reserve.

Join us as we supply this vital ranger force with necessary footwear and equipment. As well as durable footwear in the form of boots and socks, rucksacks will be pivotal as they are almost impossible to find in Guinea, as are quality solar flashlights. The Ziama rangers often operate at night and those available on the Guinean market are not up to the job. In the words of our partners in Ziama themselves: “A few good-quality lights would be invaluable.”

In Guinea an important step is underway with the immanent approval of a new set of wildlife laws that has been going through parliament. Up until now the laws have been with absurdly low fines for elephant poaching and other wildlife crimes. Once the new regulations are signed into law, the conservation authorities will have all the powers they need to effectively protect the parks and forests.

With this team of just 30 rangers protecting a highland forest ecosystem containing the last 200 elephants in the country, we have no doubt that the forest elephants of Ziama is one of the most urgent untold conservation crises in Africa. With a team of just 30 rangers, our support will go a long way in making a significant impact to the operations on the ground.  Join us as we work to save the Guinea’s last 200 elephants.