Who we are

The African Forest Elephant Foundation (“AFEF”) was founded by Callum Gerrish and Christian Triay in 2016 in response to the unprecedented, and largely unreported, decline of the African forest elephants of Central Africa. Consequently, based in London and Cape Town, AFEF is working to induce an international shift in elephant conservation that highlights the fast decline toward extinction of forest elephants in Central Africa and aims to preserve their place, along with that of their forest habitat, into the future. From grassroots and community-based projects and anti-poaching initiatives around forest elephant habitat in the Congo Basin, to campaigning for the cause of forest elephant conservation at an international level, join us to secure a future for Africa’s forest elephants and their natural habitat.


The AFEF Team

Callum Gerrish

Callum Gerrish

Callum, as well as a London-based maritime lawyer and wildlife and travel photographer, is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of the African Forest Elephant Foundation.

Having been spending time in the bush around southern Africa since he was born, he grew up learning about the vast beauty and importance of the natural world in Africa, and was instilled with a passion and understanding of the necessity of preserving it into the future. 

Having studied law at King’s College London and then obtaining a master’s degree in maritime law at the University of Southampton, he turned his experience toward conservation of the African wildlife he has always loved and photographed. 

In 2016, Callum learned of the forest elephant crisis in Central and West Africa which was going largely unreported in both the conservation sphere and media generally.  Upon realising the catastrophic possibility that forest elephants could be wiped out before the world awoke to their decline, and that no conservation charity existed solely for the protection of forest elephants and their habitat, he decided to take up the fight for their survival and AFEF was born.

E-mail: callum@forestelephants.org

Christian Triay

Christian in Ziama

Christian is a co-founding trustee acting as Chief Operating Officer of the African Forest Elephant Foundation.

Christian has always been passionate about wildlife and fell in love with the bush when visiting South Africa at a young age. While studying law at the University of Southampton and a masters in maritime law at the University of Cape Town, Christian used every opportunity to be in the bush completing his FGASA qualifications. Christian subsequently went on to complete his articles at Clyde & Co LLP in London and Johannesburg.

As well as protecting forest elephants, Christian also works with SANCCOB (the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds) in Cape Town as the Oiled Wildlife Preparedness and Response Manager, working with both government and the oil industry to secure the conservation of endangered seabirds, including the African penguin.

E-mail: christian@forestelephants.org